Emergency Proclamation Extended – Youth Sports Allowed to Return, Performers Now Allowed Two Tickets

Wednesday morning Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds extended her emergency proclamation to December 16th.

The proclamation went into effect on November 11th, pausing youth and adult sports and recreation events. It also didn’t allow for more than two spectators per participating high school athlete. Although they were performing, the proclamation didn’t let cheerleaders, band members, or other performers the same two tickets that athletes got because they weren’t participating athletes. That was also outlined and highlighted in an email sent from the Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union and the Iowa High School Athletic Association to activities directors and obtained by KIOW.

With extending the proclamation, Governor Reynolds did make some minor changes. Youth and adult sports and recreation events will be allowed to start. Also, the updates to the proclamation will enable participants in cheerleading, band, and other performers to have two tickets per participant, the same as the participating athletes.

Youth sports, such as middle school sports will be allowed to return Thursday, December at midnight.

The proclamation is extended until December 16th.


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