Forest City Chamber of Commerce Medallion Hunt 2020

Forest City Christmas 2020 Medallion Hunt

Forest City Christmas Medallion Hunt brought to you by Winnebago Industries and the Forest City Chamber of Commerce.

Prize: $300 ‘Forest City Bucks’ which may be redeemed at any Forest City Chamber of Commerce member business, list will be provided.  Deb Coates, Stephanie Coates, and Cindy Thompson found the medallion Day 1 in Boman Park near the Boman Fine Arts Center!


2020 Medallion Hunt Sponsors are as follows: 

Newman Thompson Gray PC

JED’s Lights & Sounds 

Forest Plaza

Winnebago Industries

DK Arndt




  • The medallion is hidden in an outdoor location that is publicly accessible 24 hours a day, within the city limits of Forest City.
  • The medallion is NOT; buried, in the water or along the river bank. 
  • No digging or climbing is required to find the medallion. (The only exception will be if snow would cover the medallion).
  • Medallion hunters do not have to break any laws to find it. 
  • Medallion hunters must be respectful of businesses and other people. 
  • Clues will be read each morning on KIOW during the Morning Show and the Birthday Show.  The clues will also be posted on the Forest City Chamber of Commerce’s Facebook page. 
  • There are 10 total clues.  One clue will be read each day for two weeks, Monday through Friday, beginning Monday, December 7, 2020.  No clues will be released on Saturday or Sunday. 
  • Once found, the Medallion should be returned to the Forest City Chamber of Commerce, 106 S 4th St., as soon as possible. 
  • If you have found the medallion in the past, you and your family members are not eligible. 


Find more information and all the daily clues at forestcityia.com/medallion-hunt-2020

It’s 2020 and the medallion is hidden at last!
When you go out hunting don’t forget your mask.
You might find the medallion if you’re standing in line.
Wait your turn and remember to be kind.Clue #1 sponsored by DK Arndt
Steeped in history, take a drive
Find the medallion for a $300 prizeClue #2 sponsored by Winnebago Industries
Past the bushes and the trees
Finding the medallion should be a breezeClue #3 sponsored by JED’s Lights and Sounds
As the sun cascades you’ll get some light
This place is quiet at nightClue #4 sponsored by Newman Thompson Gray PC
Happy to serve you clue number five
You’ve gone too far if you’re ready to diveClue #5 sponsored by Forest Plaza
Near the top of the key
Where could it be?Clue #6 sponsored by JED’s Lights and Sounds
Young man, pick yourself off the ground
We’ll get you to this part of townClue #7 sponsored by DK Arndt
This isn’t coming from a kettle
but you can find it near metalClue #8 sponsored by Newman Thompson Gray PC
You’ll find the medallion hiding in plain sight
across the way from two teams ready to fight.Clue #9 sponsored by Forest Plaza
One of ten, count them out
Off the ground and near a spoutClue #10 sponsored by Winnebago Industries




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