Grassley Returns to the Senate

This morning, I was in the office at my usual time: 6 a.m.

Just like on the farm, the early bird gets the worm.

After completing my full quarantine and keeping up on my work from home, I was given the green light from my doctors. I’m glad to be back in the office and to continue working for Iowans in the United States Senate.

This week, the Senate Republican Majority is continuing consideration of President Trump’s judicial nominations and year-end appropriations.

I’m also pushing for another covid relief package to help our workers, rural health care providers and small businesses. Democrats continue to put politics over people and that has got to stop. Senate Democrats have repeatedly blocked and obstructed our attempts to pass a targeted covid relief package.

Thanks again for your unwavering support. Barbara and I are blessed to have your friendship and we are strengthened by your prayers.

Chuck Grassley
Your Senator

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