Local Hy-Vee Stores Donate Food to Families in Need

The holiday season can be challenging for families across the country, including the KIOW listening area. Hy-Vee, West Des Moines, Iowa company, is taking strides before the upcoming Thanksgiving Holiday for families in need. 

Monday, both the Forest City and Garner Hy-Vee stores and hundreds of others in the chain’s eight-state region donated Thanksgiving Meals to those in need. 


That’s Bonnie Nyhus. She helps organize the Neighborhood Food, serving Forest City, Leland, Hanlontown, Scarville, Fertile, Rake, Northwood, Joice, Manly, Buffalo Center, Lake Mills, and Thompson for roughly 25 years. 

The Forest City Hy-Vee store donated 55 bags of food to the food bank. In the sacks, families will find cans of corn and green beans, potatoes, stuffing mix, a turkey, fresh rolls, and a pumpkin pie. The Garner store donated another 25 bags, which had the same fixing inside. 

“This is just one of the ways we want to help make the holidays a little easier,” the Garner Store said in a post. These families received all the fixing to have a plentiful Thanksgiving meal”, they continued by saying. 

In total, Hy-Vee donated enough food to feed 80,000 people, according to Hy-Vee. 


The holidays deplete the food banks, says Nyhus. She encourages those that can donate to continue to help the fight against hunger. 


The Neighborhood Food Bank is located at  215 S 4th St #3 in Forest City, and they can be reached at (641) 585-1360 for hours and restrictions. Cash donations should be sent to P.O. 158, Forest City, Iowa.


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