Hancock County Signs Resolution To Honor Retirees

On Monday, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors signed a resolution adopting a policy for honoring the public service of retiring employees. County Engineer Jeremy Purvis and County Attorney Blake Norman drafted resolution #2020-055, which Purvis says will now allow public monies, not to exceed $300, to be used for gestures like a celebration, certificate of appreciation, and years of service award.


In the resolution, a key priority for Hancock County is the recruitment and retention of qualified, conscientious and motivated employees to serve the communities, acknowledging that their service is valued and appreciated. According to Purvis and Norman, other counties have similar resolutions to honor retiring employees. It is in the sole discretion of the employee’s department head or elected official that a gesture be made for a retiring employee.

All three Hancock County Supervisors Jerry Tlach, Gary Rayhons and Sis Greiman voted in favor of the resolution, citing the following reasons.

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