Hancock County Board to Discuss Garfield Township Swine Confinement

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will get their weekly meeting underway at 9 am on Monday with a discussion of the current state of secondary roads in the county. Hancock County Engineer Jeremy Purvis will address the issue and outline what roads may need repair after the harvest. He will also discuss any upcoming projects. He also wants a resolution creating a policy of honoring the public service of retiring employees.

With COVID-19 positive test rates at 21% of those testing, the county must examine what measures need to be taken to protect employees, residents, and the courthouse during this time. The county put forward a governmental services plan which may be affected by the number of cases now coming to light in the county. The board will examine what options are available and may make a decision on the issue.

Two swine containment facilities are looking to expand. The board must set a date and time for each of these expansions in the number of animals contained. The first of these is in the Ellington Township run by Pin Oak Farms and the other is in the Garfield Township run by Rome Farms.

At 11:30am, the board will begin to examine drainage issues starting with a completion hearing on Drainage District 3 and 4 Laterals 2 and 51. The board will consider any damage done to landowner properties along the project route.

At 1pm, the board will hold a formal hearing on Drainage District 1 and 2’s south main open ditch. Because of the size of the project, the board will hold the formal hearing in the basement of the Farm Service Agency Office located at 255 Highway 69 in Garner. If the engineer’s report is acceptable, the board may direct the engineer to prepare final plans and specifications for the project.



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