Top of Iowa Conference Winter Sports Guidelines in Limbo

The first day of Iowa High Girls’ basketball competition is just seven days away, but the Top of Iowa Conference schools haven’t agreed on winter sports guidelines. 

“From Forest City’s standpoint, we want to keep the athlete’s best interest as our top priority,” Forest City activities director Chad Moore told KIOW Friday. 

The conference administrators have had conversations, but each school’s facilities are different, creating different challenges. Since the pandemic started, the TIC has tried to keep guidelines uniform from school to school, but as we saw this fall, that’s not always the case. For instance, during volleyball, some schools required masks and some schools didn’t at the start of the season. 

“We are hoping to have guidelines finalize by the middle of next week,” Moore said. “The conversation will continue until we can release guidelines,” Moore continued by saying. 

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed an updated proclamation earlier this week that will cut into the start of the winter sports season. (That story can be found here) Now conferences and schools are tasked with following and enforcing the proclamation. While the proclamation is still active, only participating athletes would receive two tickets for spectators during inside activities. 

According to an email from IHSAA Executive Director Tom Keating and IGHSAU Executive Director Jean Berger, which was sent to the activities directors in the state, and obtained by KIOW,  schools’ pep bands, cheerleaders, dance teams, and national anthem singers can be in attendance. Though, according to the email, “because they are not athletes participating in the sporting event, they would not get two additional spectators as the participating ‘athletes’ would get,” the email read. 

Reynolds’ proclamation, for now, expires on November 30th. If it is not extended, it would be up to conferences and schools to decide their guidelines for the rest of the winter sports season.  

Moore also noted that the information released yesterday by a TIC school is not official, and things could change before the guidelines are officially released. 


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