Hancock County Board to Meet Twice This Week

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will have two relatively short meetings this week. On Monday, the board will meet at 9 am in the Hancock County Courthouse in Garner. Jeremy Purvis, the Hancock County Secondary Roads Engineer will review with the board the status of secondary roads in the county. Farm machinery has taken its toll on some of the gravel roads and this may lead to a need for repairs before winter returns. Purvis will highlight what work needs to be done and how soon it soon it should be accomplished.

Hancock County Treasurer Deb Engstler will off up a resolution for the Postponement of Tax Sales in the county. COVID-19 concerns are dictating the reason why. The county does not want to hold any sales while the pandemic is at 19% positive cases among those tested in the county. To do so might pose a danger to both participants and county employees. The resolution calls for a delay of one month, but unless the pandemic is halted, the delay resolutions may keep coming.

On Tuesday, the board must canvass and certify the results of the Presidential election. Hancock County saw a record turnout in both absentee ballots and those voting in person. The board will meet once again in the Hancock County Courthouse beginning at 9 am.


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