Winnebago County Results

The results from Winnebago County look like this. The State Representative in District 7 saw Henry Stone winning with 3,457 votes. Debra Jensen had 2,287 votes. The County Supervisor in District 2 replacing Mike Stensrud is Susan L. Smith with 1,065 votes to Steven E. Peterson with 615 votes. Karla Weiss will return as County Auditor.

The Winnebago County Sheriff will be Steve Hepperly with 3,239 votes to Michael Droesslers 2,600.

Gary Wasmund, Kyle Frerichs and Gary Ludwig will be the soil and Water Conservation District Commissioners.

The County Agricultural Extension Council members are Skylynn Fleming, Andrew Jon Fedders, Kathryn Barkema, and Nate Forsberg. Cassondra Wilmert will fill the County Agricultural Extension Council vacancy.

All Supreme and Appeals Court Justices have been retained.


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