Area School Districts Continue to Battle COVID Issues

Today it was announced that Garner Hayfield Ventura schools will not be in session due to the high amount of COVID-19 cases in Hancock County. Currently, the percentage stands at 20% of tested individuals with coronavirus. The district is concerned enough that Superintendent Tyler Williams canceled classes and will meet with health officials and school administrators to discuss the fate of the remainder of the week.

In Wright County, Belmond Klemme schools are continuing to quarantine five teachers. They are also going strictly online with classes for seventh through twelfth grades.

On Thursday, Superintendent Dan Frazier explained the situation.

At this time, Jacobsen Elementary has not been affected but officials are keeping a wary eye on the situation and will act accordingly if necessary.

Other area schools such as Forest City, West Hancock, Lake Mills, and North Iowa are continuing to do the same as they monitor both students and faculty alike for any signs or symptoms.


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