Trick or Treating May Be Different This Year in the Area

Trick or Treating has changed over the years. Children could go house to house of Halloween evening and gather candy and treats without fear. Then came the Tylenol scare and now comes COVID-19. Halloween has taken it on the chin more than once, but that will not stop area children from the traditional rite of passage in their youth. Today, those who will be visited by the spooks, ghouls, goblins, and various superheroes must be more careful how they hand out the candy. Parents must also be a little more vigilant too.

Winnebago and Hancock County Emergency Management Coordinator Andy Buffington offered some simple advice for everyone who might be leery.

Parents have to be very involved this year when it comes to watching the children during their visit to each house.

Parents should carry a bottle of hand sanitizer with them during their kids evening out. While COVID-19 may be a drawback, it has offered fun and innovative ways to change up the normal holiday routine.

Personal protective equipment is vital for everyone this year. Parents, children, and those handing out candy  should wear a mask at all times during the evening.



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