SUNDAY TALK: Hazelton on Winnebago RV’s Surge in Sales Nationally

The sales and rental numbers continue to climb for Winnebago Industries. Americans are opting to go the RV life instead of the traditional hotel and plane vacation lifestyle. It is opening up more of America for people to see and it gives them the option from being cooped up in their home during the pandemic. Now they can be with family and still stay socially distant and safe.

Winnebago Industries now has to meet the demand and workers in Forest City are stepping up to do so. Models continue to move quickly and even customized homes are being built efficiently and with quality in mind.

Brian Hazelton, Senior Vice President of Winnebago Brand RV’s for Winnebago Industries, sat down with KIOW/KHAM News Director A. J. Taylor to talk about these exciting developments with Winnebago Industries and the new options vacationers are using with their RV’s in our Sunday Talk.


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