Hancock County Discusses Repairs to Roads, Courthouse

Monday’s Hancock County Board of Supervisors meeting consisted primarily of discussion on repairs to roads and the courthouse. First, the Hancock County Supervisors approved the final plans for 3 secondary road resurfacing projects expected to take place next summer.  Supervisor Jerry Tlach tells about those projects.


The Hancock County Board of Supervisors also discussed courthouse repairs and how to proceed since receiving zero feedback from the engineering firm WHKS. WHKS was initially hired to investigate the costs associated with fixing seepage issues, window sill replacement, tuckpointing, and construction of a vestibule. WHKS passed the reigns onto ATURA architecture, who consulted with Randall Construction. Together ATURA and Randall could not give the board actual project cost estimates – other than for adding a 16×16 stone vestibule at a big-ticket cost of $220,000 along with Atura’s architectural fees extending to nearly $28,000.

Frustrated, the supervisors, met again in August with WHKS, explaining they would like cost estimates to fix the immediate drainage issues first and foremost. WHKS has been missing in action since. Thus Monday the supervisors decided to forego WHKS and seek contractor quotes to fix the seepage issues as they feel those repairs should be under the $100,000 engineer threshold.


To date, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors has paid out a total of $5,139.20 to WHKS for engineering consulting fees, although no actual repairs have been completed.


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