4-H’s Henderson Works With Pigs for Show

4-H has been celebrating a National 4-H week where it opens up to the public about the work that it does and recruits new members who would be interested in taking part in the organization. Projects are one of the many things that are a part of a 4-H membership career and for Cadence Henderson, it had to do with swine.

Like for most everyone else, 2020 was a year of different approaches to events and life because of COVID-19. For Henderson, it meant that showing in the traditional sense wasn’t going to happen.

Raising pigs is not easy especially for show, but Cadence has the patience to get it done. There is a difference between a show pig and a regular pig.

Working with the pig and training them takes time, but with practice it can be done.

Henderson looks forward to next year and the chance to show in the Worth County Fair and beyond.


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