Britt Explores Employing Ambulance Workers

The entire process is currently under exploration according to Britt City Administrator Deb Sawyer, but the council is hearing from workers with the West Hancock Ambulance Service about possibly becoming city employees.

Sawyer has been in contact with Forest City Administrator Barb Smith on how her city has such an arrangement. Sawyer requested documents that would shed light on the Forest City arrangement. Forest City employees work under a 501(c) (3) agreement which means that they work under a non-profit status.

Sawyer indicated that she and Britt City Attorney Earl Hill would receive information about the process, study it, and report back to the council about Britt could honor the ambulance workers request and do the same.

The biggest concern is liability in case one of the employees or a patient got injured while being treated in a moving vehicle. Sawyer pointed out that the city assumes that liability with firefighters on the Britt fire trucks.


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