NORTH IOWA OUTDOORS: Winnebago Campgrounds to Close Soon

The two campgrounds managed by the Winnebago County Conservation Board will be closed for the season beginning Monday, October 19th. Those two campgrounds are located at Thorpe Park, 5 miles west of Forest City, and Dahle Park, 4 miles northwest of Lake Mills. Until snow forces their closure, roads to the campgrounds will remain open. But, on the 19th, the water will be shut off, the picnic tables will be moved for the winter, and the fire rings will be removed.

Although the campgrounds will be closed, the Lake Catherine Cabin at Thorpe Park remains open all year. The cabin rents for $61.00/night during the week and $77.00/night on Friday and Saturday nights. For more information about the cabin, including available dates, people can visit the WCCB web site at www.winnebagoccb.com. Cabin reservations can be made online or by calling the WCCB at 641-565-3390.





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