Winnebago River May Be Named as a Recreational Water Trail

Another recreational attraction may be coming to Forest City. The city is already known for its country festival, Winnebago RV’s, and Puckerbrush. Now another venue may be added to that list. In cooperation with Mason City and cities along the river route, the Winnebago River may be named as a water trail. Essentially, the river could be traveled by kayak, canoe, or small boat from just north of Forest City all the way to Mason City with stops along the way in various towns.

The idea is part of an innovative recreational movement spearheaded by Mason City Administrator Aaron Burnett. The river is initially unnavigable because of dams in both Mason City and in Forest City.

Forest City intends to remove the dam located in Pammel Park which would open up navigation of small craft on the river south beyond the park.

Organizers will get together with the Department of Natural Resources to begin the process of getting the waterway designated as a water trail.

Cities along the Winnebago River route would also be able to open up camping sites or recreational areas for kayakers and canoers. This could also include new and existing business possibilities for Winnebago River towns.

Forest City approved a letter written by Burnett which pursues the planning grant to help financially support the development of the water trail. The hope is to have begun the process by December.




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