Winnebago Board To Meet Tuesday

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will meet on Tuesday to handle several agenda items before the board. The first is to postpone tax sales of property by the County Treasurers Office. The sales have been affected by COVID-19 and because of concerns about public gatherings, the county feels having public tax sales may not be a good idea. The board will take the current circumstances into consideration when deciding to possibly postpone the sales. The board will also look at current COVID-19 policies within county offices and possibly make adjustments to policy where needed.
The board will hear from Deputy Sheriff Mike Droessler on law enforcement contracts with the Winnebago County Sheriffs Office officers. The board will also hear from Winnebago County Road Engineer Scott Meinders on the current state of county roads, resurfacing and repair projects, and any current or pending projects.

Drainage matters will also be reviewed. One current improvement project involves Drainage District 18, Lateral 11 where the project is stalled due to the railroad company is not allowing, for the moment, any boring underneath the railroad tracks. The county wants to increase the size of drainage in the lateral and this would mean a larger pipe under the tracks. The board will presented with a Change Order which covers expenses above the bid price on the project.

In order to create better efficiency, Winnebago County Recorder Kris Colby will ask the board if her office can covert microfilm images into scanned images on computers. This would create easier and faster access to the images for use by the Recorder’s Office.

the meeting will take place in the Supervisor’s Room of the Winnebago County Courthouse in Forest City beginning at 9 am.


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