Waste Management Overcharged Hancock County Nearly $7,000

Waste Management has overcharged Hancock County for its rural recycling program nearly $7,000 due to an alleged oversight in billing. The Hancock County Board of Supervisors began questioning its last few bills, in which substantial discrepancies in overages of nearly 25 percent were detected.  Waste Management’s Jay Nieson confirmed the mistake on Monday at the Hancock County Supervisors meeting.

Last month, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors withheld payment to Waste Management for the August invoice. Although Nieson says the billing should now be correct, the statement Hancock County received Monday still shows the August balance owed. Nieson took a copy of it, and said Waste Management will send out a proper invoice reflecting the credit owed the county.

The cautious Hancock County Supervisors warned Niesen that no payment would be made until the credit has been given. In relaying cause for concern, skeptical Supervisor Gary Rayhons said the oversight by Waste Management dates all the way back to the start of 2019.

Hancock County’s rural recycling program consists of 4 drop off sites in Miller, Crystal Lake, Kanawha and Klemme. Miller and Klemme bins are emptied once a week, while Crystal Lake and Kanawha bins are on-call, each averaging one dump every other week.

To help make room for more recyclable items at these drop-sites, rural residents are encouraged to break down cardboard boxes and dump cans and bottles loosely inside the bin instead of leaving them inside a plastic bag, as that utilizes more space. Also, remember don’t put electronics, plastic bags, dirty food containers, building materials or anything construed as garbage, inside the recycling bins.


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