Forest City Council to Meet Monday

The Forest City Council will go into session Monday evening beginning at 7 pm. Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, citizens can only attend the council meeting virtually by going to  https://global.gotomeeting.com/join/147295693. They can opt to dial in using their phone. United States: +1 (408) 650-3123 Access Code: 147-295-693. During the meeting, several protocol steps will be followed.

  1. All public microphones will be muted to allow discussion by the City Council.
  2. The Council will make and second a motion on the item, but no vote will be taken.
  3. All citizens who contacted the City Administrator prior to the meeting to request permission to speak to the item will be called upon one at a time to allow them the opportunity to speak.
  4. The remaining public will be unmuted to allow them to speak to the item.
  5. After the Council has heard from all citizens wishing to speak, the Council will vote on the item. If any member of the Council is attending the meeting electronically, I will ask for a roll call vote to accurately record each Councilmember’s vote.

The city will lose one of its Council Members during the meeting. Councilperson Leslie Torkelson has decided to resign her post due to her moving out of of Ward 2 which she represents. The city will have to nominate her replacement from those wanting to serve the remainder of her term. Those who would be interested should contact City Hall and they must be residents of Ward 2.

The city must approve several pay requests. K & W Coatings worked on the Water Storage Reservoir Rehabilitation Project and is asking payment in the amount of $34,067 for the work that was done.

Phase 1 Electrical upgrades were completed by Groe Electric and they are asking the city for $11,760.85.

Heartland Asphalt is doing work at the RV Dump Station in Pammel Park. They have also done work on the Emergency Services Center Parking Lot. They are asking for $83,110.51.

The city is also involved in the construction of a four stall hangar at the Forest City Municipal Airport. They have contracted with Holland Contracting or the work. The company has submitted a pay request in the amount of  $126,272.27.

The city is also working cooperatively with the Mason City in the creation of a water trail. According to a letter which must be approved by the council, Forest City will support Mason City’s effort to get the Winnebago River designated as an Iowa Department of Natural Resources Water Trail from Forest City and running through Cerro Gordo County. The hope is to extend the existing water trail north of Forest City and develop the river into a canoeing and kayaking route all the way through to Mason City. Mason City is applying for a planning grant that would financially support the development.

The Forest City Council , The Forest City Chamber of Commerce, and members of Holland Contracting break ground on the Forest City Vet Clinic.

The Forest City Council will then look at further development in the Nerem Industrial Park through utility installation and a transfer agreement for North Iowa Area Community College. The college is planning to construct an educational hub at the site and the Forest City Vet Clinic also plans to move to the park.



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