More Coronavirus Cases Reported Locally

Covid-19 continues to plague the area with more cases reporting each day according to the state’s Coronavirus Dashboard. In Hancock County, five new cases were reported on Friday afternoon. The county has seen 209 cases during the pandemic. Meanwhile in Winnebago County, three new cases were reported on Friday bringing the total to 335 cases so far in the county.

Kossuth County saw six new cases reported on Friday and there have been 308 cases so far. Two of the hardest hit counties in the area, Wright and Cerro Gordo are seeing increases in cases too. Wright County has one new case bringing the total so far to 606. Cerro Gordo reported 18 new positive tested cases which sent it’s total so far to 1,103 cases.

Worth County has only had 113 cases since the pandemic testing began and it received news that 2 more individuals tested positive on Friday. Worth County has had the fewest number of cases reported so far in the area.

In Winnebago County, about 82 positive cases have been reported in long term care and nursing home facilities. There have been 53 recoveries. Of the three sites reporting, the Lake Mills Care Center is the latest with four new cases in their facility according to the Iowa Coronavirus Dashboard. Two of those individuals have recovered.

In Hancock County, the Kanawha Community Home has reported 15 positive cases of which nine have recovered.

Area public school districts still remain low on average with the positivity rate. The formula for calculating the % Positivity 14-day average is the sum total of Individual Positive Cases (14 day) divided by the sum total of Total Individuals Tested (14 day).

In Winnebago County, the positivity percentage is 13% and that would encompass three school districts. Kossuth County reports an 11.9% positivity rate. Both Hancock and Wright Counties are at 6.9%. Humboldt stands at 7.3%. Cerro Gordo is at 6.7%. Worth County reports 4% and Franklin reports 3.7%.



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