SUNDAY TALK: Tolliver on Eagle Grove Schools Dealings with COVID-19

Every school district is at risk with infection of COVID-19. It can happen with students studying at home or in the classroom. The same applies with teachers and administrators. Each area district has a plan of action should the situation warrant. Despite all the calls for Personal Protection Equipment such as masks, nursing homes, school districts, and even business and industry are still seeing outbreaks.

Two nursing homes in Winnebago County are dealing with COVID-19 outbreaks. Forest City High School has placed their football program on hold for two weeks joining other football programs across the state.

Now enter Eagle Grove Community Schools who are switching to online learning for a week because of the sheer number of students, teachers, and staff who are reportedly infected or quarantined. The situation seems to be confined to just the district because nearby Belmond-Klemme Community Schools are seeing about a 2% absentee rate. Nonetheless, the Eagle Grove schools are becoming proactive in containing and the prevention of the spread of the disease.

Eagle Grove Community Schools Superintendent Jess Tolliver took a moment to sit down with KIOW/KHAM News Director A. J. Taylor to talk about the current status of things in his district and what they intend to do in our Sunday Talk.


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