Hancock County Board to Consider Leaving Mental Health Region

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet on Monday morning with some very important issues to discuss. The board will go onto session beginning at 9 am by first hearing from Secondary Road Engineer Jeremy Purvis who will address the current state of secondary roads in the county. He will also discuss the need to set a speed limit on 235th Street which is on the east side of Garner in Hancock County. Currently, no signage is in place.

Purvis must also inform the board on a needed correction in the awarding of a bid for rent of farm ground on a secondary road in section 14 of the Garner Township. The board may act on any of the two issues.

The board is now faced with a decision of which mental health region to join now that surrounding counties have opted to leave the County Social Services region. Because of laws set down by the state where counties must be contiguous, in other words share common borders, Hancock County is now out on an island after Wright and Cerro Gordo Counties decided to move to another mental health region. This now leaves the board with a decision to either join Wright and Cerro Gordo Counties or apply to the Northwest Care Connections which Kossuth, Worth, and Winnebago are new members of. Northwest Care Connections is a more rural mental health group with smaller counties and a better fit for Hancock County while the other is more of a larger metropolitan group of counties. the board will weigh the benefits of both before making a decision to apply.

The board will also look into quotes for demolition of the Annex building. The board may give their approval to proceed then deal with any approval for site repairs or improvements.


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