Winnebago Public Health Gives Tips on Trick or Treating

Like most events and holidays that have taken place amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Halloween may look different this year.

“Because kids trick or treat outside many parents may be more inclined to let their children go door to door,” said Allison Rice, RN/Clinical Manager for Winnebago County Public Health. “But, given the nature of the virus, parents are likely wondering what additional safety measures they should take.”

Winnebago County Public Health and Emergency Management are providing these recommendations:

For those passing out treats

  • Turn on your front yard/house light so trick-or-treaters know they are welcome;
  • Wear a face covering (highly encouraged);
  • Distribute treats from the home to the visitor. Do not allow trick-or-treaters to pick through the assortment or bowl to get their own treat(s);
  • Have individually wrapped treats to distribute;
  • Sanitize hands between visits from groups, if possible;
  • Consider sitting outside to distribute candy. You can set up chairs and a table with your treats and sanitizer.

For trick-or-treaters (and those accompanying them)

  • Sanitize your hands frequently;
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth, eyes or nose;
  • Groups are encouraged to maintain 6-feet of separation from other groups or individuals.

“Halloween can remain to be fun for children without looking that much different,” Rice said.

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