Britt Places Water Rate Increases on Hold

The Britt City Council will not, for the moment, increase water rates for city residents. Instead they are opting to allow for more research on the idea before going forward. Britt City Administrator Debra Sawyer stated that the city engineer has made some recommendations which officials must first carefully review before making any decisions. Mayor Ryan Arndorfer explained why the rate increase may be necessary.

In order to make this the least expensive as possible, the city must first separate the sewer bill from the water bill. This would prevent even larger increases in sewer rates which the city is trying to avoid. Sawyer stated that if a rate increase for water was approved by the council, it would not be a large immediate jump in price. Instead they will be designed in four increments spread out over every six months.

The city council will have to have three separate votes on any proposed rate increases and there must also be a public hearing where Britt residents can make their voice known. Sawyer said that a town hall meeting may be done to first explain the need to increase water rates and then how much of an increase will be needed to build the new water treatment plant.

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