North Iowa Schools Adjust Calendar Amidst Pandemic Concerns

The North Iowa Community School District has been dealing with COVID-19 cases in the area and continuing to keep the focus on education. The primary goal is make sure that students are able to attend classes and continue with the curriculum at their respective grade levels. Because of some cases developing in the community, the district moved their start week back one week according to Superintendent Joe Erickson.

Just like with all districts in the area, the North Iowa School District will have to remain flexible because of the fluid situation with the pandemic.

The North Iowa Community School District is not alone in making changes along the way. Some districts have had to pause sports programs in football and volleyball because of reported cases or exposure to COVID-19. Every district in the area is taking a proactive approach in dealing with the issue by quarantining teams or individual students. Those students can take advantage of online learning while in quarantine so that they keep pace with the rest of their class in their subjects.


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