Crop Progress Report Shows Precipitation Higher than Normal

Most of Iowa had multiple days of much needed rain, which only left just 1.4 days suitable for fieldwork during the week ending September 13, 2020, according to the USDA, National Agricultural Statistics Service. Field activities included harvesting corn for silage, moving old crop grain stocks, and preparing equipment and bins for harvest.
Topsoil moisture condition rated 12% very short, 21% short, 59% adequate and 8% surplus. Subsoil moisture condition rated 20% very short, 31% short, 46% adequate and 3% surplus.
Corn was 90% in or beyond dent stage, over 2 weeks ahead of the previous year and 5 days ahead of the 5-year average. Forty-five percent of the crop has reached maturity, almost 3 weeks ahead of last year and 1 week ahead of average. Corn harvest for grain has begun across much of the State with 1% of the crop harvested. Corn condition rated 42% good to excellent, a drop of 1 percentage point from the previous week. Soybeans coloring or beyond advanced to 79%. That is over 2 weeks ahead of last year and 1 week ahead of average. Soybeans dropping leaves reached 41% this week, 2 weeks ahead of last year and 6 days ahead of average. Soybean harvest began in some areas with 1% of the crop harvested statewide. Soybean condition rated 48% good to excellent.

Alfalfa hay third cutting was 96% complete, over a month ahead of last year and 18 days ahead of the 5-year average. Pasture condition improved 5 percentage points this week although still just 17% good to excellent. Pastures are greening up as a result of receiving much needed rain. Cattlemen continued supplemental feeding of hay.

Area Weather Summary

The Forest City area is well below normal in temperature, but that may change in the weeks ahead. Currently the area has seen an average high temperature at 73 degrees. the normal is 79.5 degrees which means that the average highs are 6.5 degrees below normal.

As far as lows are concerned, once again we are 4.5 degrees below normal. The averages are around 54.4 degrees while the normal sits at 59 degrees.

Thanks to a soaking rain over the last week that led to 1.4 days of suitable field work, the area is now well over the normal amount of rain that falls in the month of September. the area has seen 3.67 inches of precipitation when we normally would get 1.42 inches. As of Monday, the area received 2.25 inches of precipitation more than normal with just over two weeks remaining in the month.

For now the forecast calls for dry weather and temperatures remaining at or near normal with the exception of Thursday and Friday where they will be below it.

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