Northwood-Kensett Volleyball Poster Received Backlash, Will no Longer be Sold for Fundraiser

The Northwood-Kensett volleyball team and local law enforcement created a poster to show support for each other. Now, the photographer has decided not to allow it to be sold. The proceeds of the poster were going to go to Northwood-Kensett’s post-prom. 

The poster reads, ‘Back the Blue’ on top with ‘Whatever It Takes’ under it. The poster also includes four Worth County Deputies, two squad cars, and the N-K volleyball team. 

The poster surfaced on social media last night, and it was set to be released for sale today, 9/11. But a Facebook post from a Northwood resident says that won’t be the case now after the photographer got backlash when the poster was leaked last night. 

Valerie Paulson on Facebook – 

“Apparently, there were a few people ‘offended’ by our girls’ VB picture this year. Now, we are unable to sell them to raise money for post-prom. Are you kidding me? This makes me so mad, and I have so many unpleasant words to say, but I will try and remain calm. I thought this picture was AWESOME! Let’s share the crap out of this. We Cannot let this continue”. 

Photographer Jodie Bachtle decided to no longer sell the posters due to the messages she received from people. She says that though she didn’t take or create the poster, she directed photographer Kat Polfer to do so, “I acknowledge that the wording has caused a serious backlash and this is completely my fault”, Bachtle said in a Facebook post. 

Bachtle stated that politics weren’t a significant motivation in the poster, “The intention behind this poster was far less politically motivated than I could ever explain”, she said. She continued by saying, “I am so incredibly proud of our local police/fire/rescue and felt that today, 9/11, was a great day to have the posters ready to go.” Instead, Bachtle says ‘Back the Blue’ as in the police department supporting the volleyball girls – Northwood-Kensett’s school color is blue – and the volleyball girls supporting the police. She also stated that” ‘whatever it takes’ is the team’s slogan used on the court during the games.” 

The poster was done by the team, photographer, and law enforcement and wasn’t done with school administration direction. “Our school is not affiliated with the decision making here… Please (don’t) blame them or the coaches and players”, Bachtle said.

In a text message to KIOW, Bachtle says that she has been overloaded with Facebook, Snapchat, and text messages. She says that some have been showing support and understanding, but she says that doesn’t minimize the fact that it has outraged many others, “all of this is very overwhelming,” she says. 

As of the time this article was published on Friday, Paulson’s Facebook post has nearly 1,000 shares. 


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