Winnebago Industries Blaser Celebrates a Golden Anniversary

In this day and age of employee mobility, it is hard to find someone who stays put on a job for 50 years. However, at Winnebago Industries Glenn Blaser is celebrating that milestone. He has stayed with it because of the people along with the company he works for and is happy with his work.

Blaser credits part of his success and that of Winnebago’s to the people he has worked around.

Blaser has worked with Dye Correction during his time with Winnebago Industries. He made it clear that the position took time to train for.

Blaser and his coworkers deal with extrusions and there have been hundreds of different kinds over the years.

Blaser enjoys his job. But there is another perk. Having his family working at the recreational vehicle manufacturing giant.

He was recognized at a recent gathering of workers and dignitaries, by U. S. Vice President Mike Pence, who not only honored him, but also some of his family members who work for Winnebago.





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