Garner Hayfield Ventura Home Building Class Takes a New Turn

For over two decades, students at Garner Hayfield Ventura High School have built homes in the Garner area as part of a class project. The results have added housing to the community and given students a sense of pride in their accomplishment which they can go back later and take pride in.

Now all that may change. North Iowa Area Community College is building an industrial arts hub in Forest City which will be attended by students from various school districts including Garner Hayfield Ventura High School.

Jim Haag is the High School Principal.

Voters approved the creation of the hub which will house construction trades for the area schools who are participating in the program. It is unclear if erecting new homes in Garner will continue however. The college has not hired a construction trades instructor yet. The program itself will not begin until the fall of 2021 and no announcement ha been made by the college as to the home building future.

Garner Hayfield Ventura is excited about the new partnership which involves all Winnebago County schools and Garner Hayfield Ventura according to Haag.

According to Haag, the NIACC hub will address more than just construction trades. It may even answer needs in the employment area for local communities.

NIACC is expected to make formal announcements on the specific courses to be offered at the hub later this year or early 2021.




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