Area Pandemic Numbers See Slight Increase

COVID-19 cases have risen slightly in the area as it readies for the autumn season and the predicted rise in cases. Winnebago County has seen an increase at the Good Samaritan Center in Forest City. According to the Iowa Coronavirus dashboard, there are now 51 cases at the facility and 6 have recovered. At the Rehabilitation Center of Hampton in Franklin County there are 58 cases and 48 have recovered. The dashboard does not report any other long term care facility cases in the area. Across the state, there are currently 26 outbreaks where 743 individuals have tested positive and 320 have recovered. In total 629 have died from COVID-19.

In public school districts across the area, the percentages are fairly low. In Winnebago County, 4.7% of the students have tested positive, Kossuth is at 4.9%, Humboldt is at 4.2%, Hancock County reports 5.4%, and Wright County is at 4.5%. Both Cerro Gordo and Franklin Counties are reporting slightly higher case counts with Cerro Gordo at 6.3% and Franklin at 7.6%.

The state reports that there have been 175 positive cases reported in Winnebago County, 164 in Hancock County, Worth has 88 cases, Kossuth has had 136 cases. Wright County has had 527 cases, and Franklin has had 311. Cerro Gordo County has reported 892 positive cases.



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