Forest City Reviewing Farm-to-Market City Roadways

Residents on O Street in Forest City have seen the daily truck traffic as drivers maneuver their way onto or off the Bancroft Blacktop road. Children are playing nearby as trucks make their way through town either coming or going. Residents are concerned about the volume of truck traffic in the area and now the city has begun to take action. Forest City Administrator Barb Smith says the route isn’t a truck route.

If the Street Committee agrees to make a change, they will forward the proposal to the City Council who must then create a resolution to ban truck traffic along that route. The city will go through the formal process of three readings before passing the resolution.

Those who are concerned about an alternative have an different route to take get either to or from the Bancroft Blacktop to Forest City according to Smith.

Residents have been seeing minor damage to their yards and curbsides which is prompting the discussion.




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