4-H Club Leader Fall Organizational Meeting is Wednesday

   The Worth County Extension Service will be hosting their annual 4-H Club Leader Fall Organizational Meeting on Wednesday at 7 P.M. via Zoom. Worth County Extension Specialist Dennis Johnson stated that because of the COVID-19 issues, this will be an important meeting for current and prospective leaders to attend.

Leaders will be going over the annual 4-H Club Year Schedule, reviewing 4-H Club program ideas, announcing 4-H financial support for activities, and answering questions about 4-H Club events for the upcoming year. With several events and activities suspended these past few months including the Worth County and Iowa State Fairs, this meeting will be providing an opportunity for all Worth County 4-H Leaders and Volunteers to brainstorm a number of best possibilities for communicating and engaging with 4-H families for the coming year.

Those participating will be sharing ideas for a number of programming suggestions to make sure that the 4-H Youth in the County have available to them the best educational experiences that can be organized in a way to also keep everyone safe and healthy. All Worth County 4-H Leaders, 4-H Committee Members and 4-H Volunteers are encouraged to participate. 4-H Volunteers will be sent an E-Mail with a Zoom invitation to join the September 2nd meeting. 4-H leaders with questions may phone Mindy Tenold, Worth County 4-H Coordinator or Dennis Johnson, Worth County Extension Educational Specialist at the Worth County Extension Office at 641-324-1531.


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