Hancock County Approved for $130,000 in CARES Act Reimbursements

Hancock County has been tentatively allocated up to $130,000 in Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act reimbursements. In order to receive said money, Hancock County Board of Supervisor Jerry Tlach says the county must meet specific criteria.

In April, Hancock County gave $15,000 to the Hancock County Small Business Recovery Effort – a program that awarded 38 total grants to Hancock County small businesses that were negatively affected by the Coronavirus Pandemic.  According to Hancock County Economic Development Executive Director Jill Kramer, there were a few stipulations on those grants.

In addition to Hancock County receiving $15,000 in possible reimbursements for the money it paid to help aid those 38 Hancock County small businesses, another $98,000 could go towards the cost of digitizing Hancock County lands and records management.  Hancock County Recorder Tracy Marshall tells how that high cost of digitizing could be covered by the CARES Act reimbursements.


The process would take 4-6 months to digitally scan and upload every index and image out of 274 historical books, which is equivalent to about 150,000 images.

The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will continue to investigate other qualifying reimbursements for the remaining $17,000.


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