Garner City Council to Discuss Purchases

The Garner City Council will meet on Tuesday beginning at 5:30 pm on three major topics that need to be addressed. The council will first look to fill a vacancy in the Parks and Recreation Board. the board recently received a resignation of a board member. The council will consider a recommendation from the board on a suitable candidate to fill the position. The council may vote to approve the nominee.

The Reserve Phase II  needs to be addressed. These are condominiums that are being constructed and will be rented out once they are completed. The city is looking to design and construct the road structure within the condominium complex. The council will see what funds are available to begin construction.

The Red Elevator has been a mainstay of the city and a landmark. Now the the city wants to purchase the elevator for two reasons. The first is the historical building itself while the other is the road that runs beside it. The road has never been officially classified as a city street, but it is heavily used by residents. The city wants to acquire the roadway and preserve its usage while also keeping the elevator as a landmark. The council will review what funds are available to finish purchasing the grounds.

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