Third Belmond-Klemme Student Contracts COVID-19

First, it was two football players on the Belmond-Klemme Broncos football team who tested positive for COVID-19. The team went into quarantine for 14 days and cancelled it’s first game against the West Fork High Warhawks. Students in the school were isolated into their home rooms for the duration of the school day as a precaution. Belmond-Klemme Community School District Superintendent Dan Frazier explains.

Now, the school district reports that another student has contracted COVID-19. This would be the first such case of a student in an area classroom who is a positive case. The school has, and continues to practice all CDC guidelines including the mandatory wearing of masks.

Because of the Governor’s mandate to maintain classes until 20% of positive tested cases in a county is reached, the district will continue to hold home room classes with distance learning. Frazier is continuing to mandate that students be monitored everyday.

Parents in the district do have the option to take their students out of classes and have them distance learn from home under the Governor’s mandate. The district continues to follow it’s Return to Learn educational plan and will do so unless otherwise directed.




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