A Recent Rise in Cases Prompts Concerns Over Student Busing

There are a number of concerns locally about students riding the school bus to school. In the West Hancock Community School District, Superintendent Wayne Kroneman has made it clear that if parents are concerned about their student riding the bus, they can bring the student to school.

Superintendent Joe Erickson with the North Iowa Community School District is also encouraging concerned parents to bring their students to school if they don’t feel safe about the distancing on the bus. The district has already pushed back the start date by one week over concerns about pandemic cases in the immediate area.

These concerns are being raised throughout the state. The Waterloo Community School District started classes on Monday and transportation provide Durham School Services carries about six-thousand students each year. Durham General Manager Sam Barrett tells KCRG TV in Waterloo that ridership will be down this year because parents do not want their kids to take the bus, so they will be able to spread the kids out more.

Workers will spray and sanitize the buses several times each day and the drivers and students must wear a face covering. Barrett for safety reasons they will not use plastic barriers to divide students on the bus.

He says they want to keep a clear field of view for the driver.

School leaders said the parents they have talked to have mixed responses. Some feel safe having their kids on the bus, and others do not. They add that during summer school, students were good about wearing their masks on the buses.

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