West Hancock Schools Open Today

COVID-19 numbers continue to rise in Wright County, but in Hancock County, specifically the western half, they are not near the 20% positive case threshold required by Governor Kim Reynolds and the Iowa Department of Education to start online only class work. As a result, West Hancock continues to press on with it’s goal of opening today. Nine students live outside the county lines, but the district is looking at the vast majority of students who live within the county as the measurement for opening.

On Friday, the district announced that the West Hancock cross town shuttles departure time is 7:45 am and shuttles from town to town are 7:55 am from the high school and the middle school.

West Hancock Community Schools Superintendent Wayne Kroneman believes it is up to the parent on whether the student rides the bus or not.

The district has already put a number of safety protocols in place as required by the state to properly and safely hold classes inside the school. Extra curricular activities such as sports and after school programs are still scheduled for participation.


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