Winnebago Board Presses for Repairs on Public Safety Center

At the Winnebago County Public Safety Center, doors and solenoids continue to be a problem since the construction of the facility. The Board of Supervisors have been pressing the contractor to repair the issues. Some progress has been made in these areas, but not to the satisfaction of the board. As a result, the board continued to press the contractor John Hanson to repair or replace solenoids that control toilets and doors that lock but say their unlocked on a display board.

Hansen responded to questioning by the board over the phone on the current state of solenoids that electronically shut off the water when a toilet may be overflowing in a jail cell.

The problem with the Work Release Holding Cell is that the installers sent to replace the solenoid were sent back home according to Hanson.

The reason why the workers were sent back home is because Winnebago County Auditor Karla Weiss was informed that the county had to pay for the parts, repairs, time, and labor to fix a problem that has existed since the construction of the facility. Weiss did not think it was in the public’s interest to pay for a job twice, once when it was installed and did not work, and the other for the repair to the faulty equipment.

Sensors on interior doors have been indicating that they are unlocked and open when in fact, they are closed and locked. These same readings, according to the Jail Administrator, the Supervisors, Sheriff Dave Peterson, and Weiss have been occurring since the jail opened. Hanson dismissed the problem as wear and tear on the sensors and replaced them.

Weiss and the county officials are continuing to try and work with Hanson and his company called Midwest Construction Consultants.



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