Voting Request Forms Cause Confusion for Some Area Residents

Area County Auditors are beginning to get an influx of calls regarding some confusion on absentee ballots. The problem is that several political groups such as the AARP, the Democratic and Republican parties, political action groups, and even the candidates themselves are sending out their own version of absentee ballot applications.

Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate is sending out the official absentee ballot request applications. According to area election commissioners, the Secretary of State applications are the ones you should send in to get an absentee ballot.

What complicates the problem according to Winnebago County Election Commissioner Karla Weiss is that area residents are not the only ones getting the various applications.

The list at the Auditor’s Office is up -to-date. Weiss recommends destroying and  discarding the applications for the deceased and individuals who have moved away.

She also recommends filling out the Secretary of State request forms and signing them before mailing them in. The actual ballots will be mailed out beginning October 5th and those wishing to vote early can do so at the local County Auditor’s office beginning October 5th as well.

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