North Iowa Schools Prepare for Fall With a Threefold Plan

It may be only mid July, but area schools are reviewing plans and preparing for the new school year which is almost a month away. Despite the threats of COVID-19 resurging again in the area and some counties seeing spikes in deaths and reported cases, superintendents, school boards, teachers, and even students want to get back to the business of learning in a classroom setting. At the North Iowa Community School District, maintenance workers are going the extra mile to get the classrooms and the school ready according to North Iowa Community School Board member Emily Angstman.

The process does not end there. The district is taking a hard look at how medical issues and the nursing area is taken care of.

While district employees are sanitizing the schools and rearranging key areas of the nursing department, the district is looking at a threefold plan to educate the students effectively.

Most area districts are adopting some form of these three formats. The problem becomes the fluidity of the formats because there may be variations. The district is addressing the situation just in case. For now, there are these essential platforms to build on.

Those parents or guardians who have concerns about sending their student to school will have options for the upcoming year according to Angstman.


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