Hancock County Makes Costly Switch to Dot Gov

Hancock County’s official website will soon switch from a dot org domain name to one ending in dot gov, due to a new federal and state mandate for election purposes. The request was approved by the Hancock County Board of Supervisors Monday, after Brad Leckrone of Next Generation Technologies explained the reasoning behind it.

The mandated change of domain name will cost the county $400 per year as compared to $20 per year for the current dot org domain name.

In other security related news, the Hancock County Board of Supervisors approved a quote from Electronic Engineering for $4,381.91 to install access controlled key fobs in the county owned building located at 545 State Street in Garner.  According to Supervisor Jerry Tlach, this was requested by the county’s insurance provider.

The proposed fobs were already budgeted for in this new fiscal year that began July 1st.


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