The Flower Walk is Virtually Fun

Unfortunately, the Covid crisis means that people cannot get together in the usual ways. As a result, the Winnebago County Conservation Board is scheduling a Virtual Summer Wildflower Walk, instead of an in-person walk. The virtual walk will be in the form of a video that will be posted online.

The video will show many of the more common summer wildflowers that people can see here in northern Iowa. Winnebago County Naturalist Lisa Ralls stated that these are ones you don’t normally see.

Ralls will discuss the flowers, where they can be found, and how to identify them, as well as some interesting facts about some of the flowers. Many of our summer wildflowers are very important for the survival of many pollinator species, and that will be discussed, as well.

The video is posted on the Winnebago County Conservation Board’s You Tube page so people can watch it whenever they want. The link is also posted on the Conservation Board’s Facebook page and Twitter feed. Although watching a video is not quite the same thing as actually walking through a field, it may be the best way right now to learn about the flowers that are currently blooming. And, maybe if people learn about the flowers, they’ll be more likely to take a walk of their own to view the colorful summer wildflowers of north Iowa!  For more information about the Virtual Summer Wildflower Walk, people can contact Naturalist Lisa Ralls at 641-565-3390 or at

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