Reynolds Classroom Attendance Program is Outlined

Local school districts are keeping a close eye on recommendations for classroom and online attendance requirements. As of late, there has been some confusion on the process with school districts in some of the hardest hit locations in the state are opting for solely online education classes. Reynolds, on the other hand, wants to make sure that parents have the option on about sending their child to school in a classroom setting, having them stay home, or attending a 50/50 scenario.

Governor Reynolds Press Secretary Pat Garrett told KIOW News that the Governor has outlined a plan for parents to work with.

The reason for this attendance structure is because Reynolds and a number of concerned parents on both sides of the attendance issue want options.

Many area school districts are going with full in-classroom attendance, but are offering the online instruction as an option. Others are concerned with social distancing and ared putting a 50/50 program in place in order to accommodate proper spacing in the classroom. Most are requiring face masking to further prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Governor Reynolds outlined her plans in a press conference which was aired by Iowa PBS.

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