Hancock County Salt Shed Project $35,000 Short

The construction costs of the new secondary road department sand and salt dome located in Klemme is costing taxpayers upwards of $35,000 more than initially budgeted. The Hancock County Board of Supervisors recently noticed the discrepancy when going through claims. On Tuesday Supervisor Gary Rayhons questioned Hancock County Engineer Adam Clemons as to the miscalculation.

Clemons apologized for the lack of communication and explained the reason for the cost increase.

The former sand and salt shed in Klemme was destroyed by strong winds, so Hancock County received $90,000 from insurance to apply to the cost of a new shed.  According to Supervisor Jerry Tlach, the new building was supposed to cost the county $40,000 out of pocket but now the county could be responsible for $90,000 after everything is tallied.

The hoop building is being applied on concrete blocks that will be strapped together and cracks filled, instead of a plank or concrete wall. The secondary road crew had to make numerous trips to Ankeny to pick up and haul the blocks, of which the estimates for employee hours, truck wear & tear, mileage and fuel are yet to be tallied.


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