Winnebago Supervisors To Review Levies and Projects

The Winnebago County Board of Supervisors will be taking a hard look at projects and levies when they meet at 9 am on Tuesday. The board will meet in the Supervisors Room in the Winnebago County Courthouse under COVID-19 restrictions meaning that there will be a limit of residents allowed to attend the meeting. The board will discuss the current policies in place and if changes will need to be made to any of them.

Karla Weiss is asking the board to approve a training course for her regarding Human Resources. The county currently uses the advice of a human resources attorney for even the most basic of human resource questions. Weiss wants to get additional training in the area so that the questions can be answered more quickly and employees won’t have to wait for them.

Winnebago County Engineer Scott Meinders will approach the board about the purchase of new equipment for the department. The purchases have already been planned for in this fiscal calendar year and Meinders wants to forward a resolution to the board to initialize the purchases. Meinders will also give the board an update on the current state of secondary roads including any projects and repairs that are need or are ongoing.

The board will then turn their attention to drainage where the Auditors Office has already set the 2020 Drainage Tax Levy. The board will review the proposed levy and consider it for approval. Then they must consider a pay estimate of $88,850 to B & B Farm Drainage for an improvement project to Drainage District 18 Lateral 11. The drainage line was increased in size along with a cleaning out of the ditches.

Rick Hopper, an engineer with Jacobson-Westergard Engineering will discuss current projects including two that are suspended because of materials issues needed to complete them. Hopper will give the board an estimated time of completion during the meeting.

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