Wright County Supervisors to Get Updates on Agribusiness Park

The Wright County Board of Supervisors have honed in the Wright County Agribusiness Park and the progress being made at the site. The board will meet this morning beginning at 9 am in the Wright County Courthouse. They will first hear an update regarding the pandemic in the county which ranks in the top 21 in the state for COVID-19 positive cases. The update will be given by a member of the Emergency Operations Center. So far 426 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed in the county. By comparison, Hancock County has on 96 cases and Winnebago 64. Franklin County to the east of Wright has 159 confirmed cases while Hamilton to the south has 216.

At 9:15 am, the board will hear about the progress being made at the Agribusiness Park. The board will hear about paving and street gutter work being done. This will be followed by an adjournment so that the board can hold a workshop with the City of Eagle Grove on the mutual wastewater contract between the two. The meeting will take place at the Wright County Agribusiness Park. The board will remain at the park for a 1 pm meeting with Ennis Trucking concerning construction being done at the park.





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