West Hancock Alumnus Creates Book Detailing 52 Years of Sanger Football in Britt

Ever wonder where all the information comes from that Jay Hiscocks and Kevin Wilson, the voices of the West Hancock football team, give you every Friday night? A book, that with a small donation to the Sanger Legacy Fund you could own. 

Hiscocks and Wilson do their homework before each broadcast, but they also have some help from a book that alumnus Dan Krull has put together. Krull says over the past three years, he has been sending the broadcasters information via text messages. Krull, who is a teacher at Interstate 35, has spent nearly 5,000 hours on the book that tells the story of West Hancock football during the Sanger era.

Dan Krull 


The book is about 180 pages long and covers 52 seasons of West Hancock football. Krull says the Garner Public Library helped get some of the information.

Dan Krull 


Krull says his original plan was to just give these books away. Though, due to the cost of printing, that plan changed. 

Dan Krull 

Krull will use the donated money to cover the cost of the books, but any left over money will be given to the Sanger Legacy Fund. Krull explains that the Sanger Legacy Fund was created to help those in need. 

Dan Krull 


As of Tuesday morning, Krull only has 65 of the 450 books still available for preorder. The books will be hot off the press on August 7th, and Krull hopes to start distributing them during the golf outing on August 8th. If any books are still available, Krull will be at West Hancock’s first football game taking donations in exchange for copies. 

To reserve your copy, text or call Dan Krull at 515-341-2912. You can also Venmo your donation to WHFootballRecordBook.

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