Hancock County Extends Engineer Contract to Purvis

Hancock County voted Monday to extend a contract of employment to Jeremy Purvis of Kanawha to serve as the county’s new full-time county engineer. According to Hancock County Supervisor Gary Rayhons, it was a tough decision between two local candidates.

Although it is common practice for county engineers to have a three year contract in place, Hancock County Supervisor Jerry Tlach explains why Purvis suggested the county consider a one year contract instead.

Currently, Adam Clemons shares the engineering duties between Hancock and Wright counties on a part-time basis for a total salary and benefit package of $166,106. Hancock County pays about $83,000 of that. According to Tlach, Hancock County will notify Wright County and Clemons of the termination of the current 28E share agreement to occur 30 days from July 13th, after which time, Clemons could still be utilized on a short-term hourly consult basis.

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