Hancock County Board to Review Drainage and Engineering Position

  The Hancock County Board of Supervisors will meet in Monday at 9 am to review a resolution on weight limit postings on county bridges. The board needs to make a correction on the weight limits on some bridges before finalizing and adopting the amendment.

Drainage District 1 and 2 are now complete. The project involved removing hundreds of trees and cleaning out the lines in some locations. Now the board must hear from landowners along the ditches and laterals about how well the project was done. Some of the landowners have registered some concerns with the board who will address them on Monday morning.

The board will discuss the hiring of a new engineer beginning at 11 am. Discussion will center around the feasibility or need along with pay levels and other items pertinent to a new contract. Currently Adam Clemons serves as the County Road Engineer. He also splits his time with the Wright County Road Department as their engineer. Hancock County wants to explore the idea of returning to having a full time engineer.


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